Nonparametric Distribution Analysis (Right Censoring)
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Stat > Reliability/Survival > Distribution Analysis (Right Censoring) > Nonparametric Distribution Analysis

Use this command when you have right censored data or actual failure times and no distribution fits your data. You can estimate survival probabilities, cumulative failure probabilities, hazard rates, and other functions, and draw survival plots, cumulative failure plots, and hazard plots.

When you have exact failure/right-censored data, you can request Kaplan-Meier or Actuarial estimates. When you have tabled data with a varied censoring scheme, you can request Turnbull or Actuarial estimates.

When you have exact failure/right-censored data and multiple samples, Minitab tests the equality of survival curves.

To make a quick Kaplan-Meier survival plot and empirical hazard plot, see Distribution Overview Plot (Right Censoring).

If a distribution fits your data, use Parametric Distribution Analysis (Right Censoring).

Dialog box items

Variables: Enter the columns of failure times. You can enter up to 50 columns (50 different samples).

Frequency columns (optional): Enter the columns of frequency data.

By variable: If all of the samples are stacked in one column, check By variable, and enter a column of grouping indicators in the box