Nonparametric Growth Curve
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Stat > Reliability/Survival > Repairable System Analysis > Nonparametric Growth Curve

Use to perform a nonparametric analysis on a repairable system when you want to estimate a growth curve of the mean cost of maintaining a system or the mean number of repairs over time without assuming a distribution.

If you provide two or more columns (exact data) or pairs of columns (interval data), Minitab compares the different repairable systems.

Dialog box items

Data are exact failure/retirement times Choose if you have exact data.

Data are interval failure/retirement times Choose if you have interval data.

Variables/Start variables: Enter columns (one column per sample) containing the start times.

End variables: If you have interval repair times, enter columns (one column per sample) of end times.

System Information If you do not provide any system information, Minitab assumes that all data are from the same system.

System ID: Choose to identify the systems within the sample, then enter one column for each sample. If a single response column represents more than one system, you must use a System ID column.

Number of systems: Choose if your data are grouped, then enter one column for each sample to specify the number systems entering each time interval. Your data must be in interval format to use this option.

By variable: Check if all of the samples are stacked in one column and enter a column of grouping indicators.