Parametric Growth Curve - Estimate
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Stat > Reliability/Survival > Repairable System Analysis > Parametric Growth Curve > Estimate

Use to specify one of three estimation methods and either a power-law process or Poisson process model.

You can also enter a confidence level for Minitab to use for all confidence intervals.

Dialog box items

Estimation method: Choose one of three estimation methods: maximum likelihood, conditional maximum likelihood, and least squares. See Estimation methods for parametric growth curves.

Power-Law process Choose to model the data using a Power-Law process. See Parametric growth curve models.

Estimate shape parameter: Choose to estimate the shape parameter from the data.

Set shape parameter: Choose to specify the shape value and enter a positive numeric constant.

Poisson process: Choose to model the data using a Poisson process. See Parametric growth curve models.

Confidence level: Enter a confidence level for all of the confidence intervals. The default is 95.0%.

Confidence intervals: Choose to use two-sided confidence intervals (the default) or just an upper or lower confidence bound.