Warranty Prediction
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Stat > Reliability/Survival > Warranty Analysis > Warranty Prediction

Use to forecast future warranty claims or returns based on current warranty data.

Dialog box items

Transformed Warranty Data: Enter warranty data in arbitrarily censored format.

Start time: Enter the column of start times.

End time: Enter the column of end times.

Frequency (optional): Enter the column of frequency data.

Assumed distribution: Choose one of eleven common distributions: smallest extreme value, Weibull (default), 3-parameter Weibull, exponential, 2-parameter exponential, normal, lognormal, 3-parameter lognormal, logistic, loglogistic, and 3 parameter loglogistic distributions.

Warranty Assumptions

Length of warranty (optional): Enter the length of the warranty for the system under study. The units of this time value must be the same as those used in the transformed warranty data.

Average cost per failure (optional): Enter the average cost associated with a failure.