1-Sample Z
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Use 1-Sample Z to compute a confidence interval or perform a hypothesis test of the mean when s is known. For a two-tailed one-sample Z-test, the hypotheses are:

H0 : m = m 0   versus   H1: mm 0

where m is the population mean and m 0 is the hypothesized population mean.

Dialog box items

One or more samples, each in a column: Choose if you have entered raw data in columns. Enter the columns containing the sample data.

Summarized data: Choose if you have summary values for the sample size and mean.

Sample size: Enter the value for the sample size.

Sample mean: Enter the value for the sample mean.

Known standard deviation: Enter the value for the population standard deviation.

Perform hypothesis test: Check to perform the hypothesis test.

Hypothesized mean: Enter the test mean m 0.