Graphical Summary
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Stat > Basic Statistics > Graphical Summary

Use to produce a graphical summary for each column, or for each level of a By variable.

The graphical summary includes four graphs: histogram of data with an overlaid normal curve, boxplot, 95% confidence intervals for m, and 95% confidence intervals for the median.

The graphical summary also displays a table of:

·    Anderson-Darling Normality Test statistics

·    Descriptive statistics

·    confidence intervals for m, s, and the median

Dialog box items

Variables: Enter the columns for which you want to create a graphical summary.

By variables (optional): Enter the columns containing the by variables to create separate graphical summaries for each level of a grouping variable. Column lengths must be equal. See Graph Limits for limitations associated with using a By variable.

Confidence level: Enter a value for the confidence level for the confidence intervals. The default level is 95%. Specify any number between 0 and 100. For example, entering 90 generates 90% confidence intervals for the mean, median, and standard deviation.