Outlier Test
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Stat > Basic Statistics > Outlier Test

Use to identify a single outlier in a sample. The hypotheses are as follows:

·    H0 (the null hypothesis): All values in the sample are from the same, normally distributed population.

·    H1 (the alternative hypothesis): One of the values in the sample is not from the same, normally distributed population.

The Dixon's ratio options help you detect an outlier in the presence of other suspected outliers. See Choosing the appropriate outlier test for more discussion.

You should not use Minitab's outlier tests more than once on the same sample. If you remove an outlier from your sample and then retest, you risk removing values that are not actually outliers.

Dialog box items

Variables: Enter the columns that contain the sample data.

By variables (optional): Enter one or more columns that contain the By variables. Column lengths must be equal.